• A link to break up my hiatus, due to popular demand: the teaser trailer for James Cameron's Avatar. It doesn't seem like the groundbreaking film many were hoping for, and I can only hope that the cartoonish look comes off much better in 3D, as it did for Beowulf. (4) #
  • Trailer for Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the fans of and the people involved with the 1990 horror flick, Troll 2. During my high school days, we would often spend our weekend nights renting the worst looking VHS at the local Blockbuster and Troll 2 was probably our favorite, meriting repeat viewings. The existence of this documentary proves that our experience was not unique. (via fimoculous) (5) #
  • What happens when Justin Timberlake gets together with a certain TV editing brother of crazymonk's? MTV's new reality series, The Phone. Here's the trailer, where lots of things blow up. (6) #
  • I'll end the week with a Dave Eggers twofer:

    1) The trailer for Away We Go, an indie-like comedy written by Eggers and his wife Vendela Vida and directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Revolutionary Road). I read a draft of the screenplay a few years ago when it was called "This Must Be The Place" and found it to be quirky/cute in a Little Miss Sunshine sort of way. (via kottke)

    2) This one's a little old, but I just heard about it. Tom Tykwer, gun shootout director extraordinaire (and of Run, Lola, Run fame), is working on a film adaptation of Eggers's novel What is the What. I read WitW last year and I thought it was excellent -- you should all read it if you haven't yet. (8) #
  • The trailer for Watchmen, the film adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel masterpiece. The look is pitch-perfect, though I have some concerns about Zack Snyder's (300) directorial style. Expectations are generally high. (24) #
  • Trailer for Religulous, Bill Maher's upcoming documentary about religion. If you watch his HBO show, you know that he views all religions, from Scientology to Catholicism, with the same amount of skepticism and contempt. Much of the trailer takes the easy route and focuses on fringe extremists -- it'll be interesting to see if he aims higher in the film. (58) #
  • The trailer for Burn After Reading, the Coen Brothers' next film. (iTunes required, I think.) Great cast, but it could turn out to be another one of those forgettable Coen comedies. (See, e.g., The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty.) (6) #
  • Trailer for Visioneers, starring comedian Zach Galifianakis. Among other things, it seems to be about spontaneous combustion and dreams about George Washington. (via fimoculous) (12) #
  • Trailer for Glass: a Portrait of Philip In 12 Parts, a documentary about the famous contemporary composer (who is often mislabeled as "minimalist"). I first heard the name Philip Glass when he was mocked in a South Park episode in 1997. Soon afterwards, I saw Martin Scorsese's Kundun and bought its excellent soundtrack. This led to his Errol Morris scores, Koyaanisqatsi, his Bowie/Eno symphonies, and much of the rest of his back catalog. I'm a fan. (3) #
  • The trailer for The Fall is one of the most promising (and beautiful) trailers I've seen in awhile. I have reservations because it's directed by Tarsem -- who helmed the pretty but dead-inside serial killer thriller The Cell -- but the vast change of subject matter and positive early raves I've seen make me optimistic. (5) #
  • The trailer for Grass Roots, a documentary about the Nevada marijuana legalization campaign for which I ran the Internet operations in 2006. The film's distribution plans are still unknown to me. Can you spot crazymonk? I have two appearances in the trailer, and probably only a few lines in the film. (9) #
  • The trailer for Speed Racer, the Wachowskis's directorial follow-up to The Matrix trilogy. As kottke says, the courses are reminiscent of Mario Kart on GameCube, but the style also reminds me of Luc Besson's The Fifth Element. (24) #