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Review: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

All Hail the Hypnotoad

Yesterday, Everybody Loves Hypnotoad was released on DVD. The TV show -- produced, written, and directed by the Hypnotoad, and starring the same -- is a hilarious romp that follows the ins-and-outs of the Hypnotoad's daily life. As a viewer, I was fully captivated by the show, except during the brief establishing shots (a suburban house; a Seinfeldian diner) and the commercial breaks -- for some reason those scenes failed to hold my attention.

The DVD includes one full 22-minute episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, and features a flashback sequences and even some bloopers. It also includes some DVD "extras," such as a 90-minute time-travelling episode of Futurama, which was of some interest.

All Hail the Hypnotoad!

Wed, 11/28/2007 - 2:21pm