Dave Eggers

  • The Millions blog has posted a list of their most anticipated books for 2009 and (so far) 2010. I'm with them on: Dave Eggers's Zeitoun, William Vollmann's Imperial, Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice, and Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, his first novel since The Corrections. (I know, no women writers on my list -- but I am looking forward to whenever Nicole Krauss publishes her next.) (1) #
  • I'll end the week with a Dave Eggers twofer:

    1) The trailer for Away We Go, an indie-like comedy written by Eggers and his wife Vendela Vida and directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Revolutionary Road). I read a draft of the screenplay a few years ago when it was called "This Must Be The Place" and found it to be quirky/cute in a Little Miss Sunshine sort of way. (via kottke)

    2) This one's a little old, but I just heard about it. Tom Tykwer, gun shootout director extraordinaire (and of Run, Lola, Run fame), is working on a film adaptation of Eggers's novel What is the What. I read WitW last year and I thought it was excellent -- you should all read it if you haven't yet. (8) #
  • Dave Eggers and the *826 organization, who run a pirate supply shop in San Francisco and a superhero supply shop in NYC (I've only been to the former), are now opening a Chicago location: The Boring Store. The Boring Store is a purveyor of "openings, aperatures, punctures, perforations, pits, cavities, ditches, craters, crevices and just plan hollows." It is not a secret agent supply store. (via kottke) (6) #
  • Dave Eggers's foreword for the tenth anniversary edition of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. His words ring true, but I wonder if the foreword should have targeted an older audience rather than already converted twentysomethings. (4) #