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I've been slowly working on this for nearly a year now, but I've finally gone through and tagged all of the posts on This is a casual blog, so I haven't been particularly consistent in my tagging methodology, but perhaps this will make it easier for you to browse the archives by topic.

At the time of this posting, there are 1550 individual topics assigned to 1256 posts. If you click on "more tags" in the "Recent Topics" block on the right, you will find a giant tag cloud of every single tag on the site, which is a fun way to explore the site. And there's something almost poetic about reading a string of text such as "The Lost Highway tom brady the prestige dayvan cowboy conventions the diamond age lebanon Religulous nonfiction shopping senior citizens spike jonze Jann Wenner death juno."

The top tags on the site so far are pretty generic (e.g., film, politics, tv), but for fun I've pulled out some of the more specific topics on the site that have been applied to more than 20 posts:

* las vegas
* 2008 election
* trailers
* hbo
* roger ebert
* david foster wallace

Have fun.

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You are a machine.

Jesse | Mon, 08/18/2008 - 5:21am

did one post really necessitate the 'fetuses' tag? really?

flea | Mon, 08/18/2008 - 7:34am

scotus sounds dirty. like a disease you wouldn't tell your friends that you picked up.

(yes, i know what it means.)

jbg. | Mon, 08/18/2008 - 11:25am

A beatnik poetry machine!

ludditerobot | Tue, 08/19/2008 - 1:42am