A list of unfilmable novels

A list of the most unfilmable novels. I'd add in Infinite Jest (despite the upcoming attempt) and Martin Amis's Time's Arrow. (thx, cynthia)

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In an effort to see if IJ was on IMDB, I stumbled across this: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, clearly fairly far down along the track. What does the mailing list say about this adaptation?

Ingen Angiven | Fri, 01/12/2007 - 3:10pm

It's being done by Jim from The Office.

crazymonk | Fri, 01/12/2007 - 3:33pm

wait, "time's arrow" was a TNG episode with mark twain. it was AWESOME.

jbg. | Fri, 01/12/2007 - 6:41pm

IHT.com had an interesting piece on why Atlas Shrugged might well fall into the unfilmable category (via ALDaily).

SmilingDork | Sat, 01/13/2007 - 10:42am

Atlas Shrugged is unfilmable in the way that its terribleness would shatter all cameras that attempted to capture it.

crazymonk | Sat, 01/13/2007 - 11:03am

Funny, that's how I felt about Anthem, which I believe could be summed up in one phrase: "Vote Libertarian!" Seriously, who else actually puts leaflets in their novels?

SmilingDork | Sat, 01/13/2007 - 11:11am

Ha, there's a big parody of Atlas Shrugged in the Illuminatus Trilogy. Maybe you SHOULD read it.

Ingen Angiven | Sat, 01/13/2007 - 2:17pm